Al-Taghriba Al-Filistiniyya [The Palestinian Exodus], by the late and great Syrian filmmaker HatimAli (1962-2020)

At a time when we are watching the mass transfer of the indigenous Palestinian people from their ancestral homelands in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, I’ve decided to post a few clips from this outstanding series.

I will start with the opening credits.

The lyrics were taken from a poem called Al-Fidaa’i [The Freedom Fighter] by one of Palestine‘s greatest poets, Ibrahim Touqan (1905-1941). The opening verse goes:

Do not ask about his safety.

He carries his soul on his palm.

The memorable music that will never leave your ears is by the acclaimed Syrian composer Taher Mamalli.

The screenplay is by the Palestinian historian Waleed Saif.

There are no subtitles, alas, but I’ll try explain briefly what is going on.

(1) التغريبة / Sapi Music – Al Taghriba. Copy and paste this link into Youtube:

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