Quite Simply:

If you support genocide, you have no right to complain about people disliking you for it. If you support genocide and you happen to be Jewish, you have no right to weaponise anti-Semitism against your critics. You bear responsibility for the views you express. We all do!

A genocide

It’s no longer a “retaliatory attack”. It stopped being that before it had begun. It’s a genocide, no longer plausible nor probable. A genocide: pure and simple. For seven long months, the killing has been without relent. It’s no longer about the hostages. It never was, and it won’t stop until Gaza is no more.

Our existence as Palestinians

Our existence as Palestinians is a statement in itself. When you say you don’t want “overt” politics, you question our olive oil. You question our songs. You question our poems. You question our very being. Last time I checked, all people have the right to exist. Yes. All of us, Palestinians included!


My father, Yousef Kelani (1925-2016), joined UNRWA in 1953 upon his graduation from Alexandria University in Egypt. He was the physician in charge of UNRWA’s mobile clinics for Palestinian refugees in Irbid and the River Jordan Valley. This culminated in him becoming the assistant medical director of St Luke’s Hospital in Hebron (al-Khalil). My father’s …

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Al-Taghriba Al-Filistiniyya [The Palestinian Exodus], by the late and great Syrian filmmaker HatimAli (1962-2020)

At a time when we are watching the mass transfer of the indigenous Palestinian people from their ancestral homelands in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, I’ve decided to post a few clips from this outstanding series. I will start with the opening credits. The lyrics were taken from a poem called Al-Fidaa’i [The …

Al-Taghriba Al-Filistiniyya [The Palestinian Exodus], by the late and great Syrian filmmaker HatimAli (1962-2020) Read More »

Western hypocrisy

Many so-called voices for women’s rights in the western world confine their support of Iranian women to assert the right to remove their headscarves, in defiance of the tyranny of the fascistic Ayatollahs. So far so good, but this obviously suits western lifestyles…because women without headscarves ‘look like us’. Women also have the right to …

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Gilbert Biberian RIP (1944-2023)

Rest in Peace, Love and Power, my dear friend, fellow musician and Middle Easterner. The great Armenian Greek Turkish composer and guitarist, Gilbert Biberian, left us a few days ago to be with the One. The photo below was taken during my interview with Gilbert for my BBC Radio 4 documentary “Distant Chords”. This particular episode was called “My Book, My Mountain, My Self” [The Bible, Mount Ararat, cultural identity], about …

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