Why a Blog?

After considerable thought during this COVID era, I’ve decided that I should update my Blog more regularly, to stay in touch with you all. 

I have my wonderful Syrian niece, Dara Dandashi, on board, and she’s been working very hard at designing the site.

The last time I performed live was November 2019. Since then, my recovery from COVID apart, I have been working on developing other means of communications with my fans. This new Blog is one of these endeavours.

In the near future, I am also hoping to start a Vlog. It has become abundantly clear for me that if I find it difficult to get to my fans in the form of gigs, then I should ‘take myself out’ directly to my them.

It’s all new to me, but I promise I’ll do my utmost to keep this Blog updated with my rants; musical, political, spiritual, social, and everything in between.

Oh, and one last thing. Watch out for news on my forthcoming EP, dedicated to the memory of the great Iranian singing master, Mohammed Reza-Shajarian (1940-2020). This is part of my larger project ‘This Land is Your Land’, representing the communities within which I grew in Kuwait and among which I live in the UK.


2 thoughts on “Why a Blog?”

  1. Look forward to hearing your news via this new/old initiative of yours, dearest Reem. May I request that Rafiki is featured regularly?

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