The British Mandate in Palestine

“My father informed us that the British Mandate government has decided to move all the Arab employees of the Department of Land & Surveying into Ramleh, where there is a residence camp that was specially built for British employees who had left Palestine. I was later to understand that this had been part of a larger plan to expel us from Jaffa.”

Testimony by this amazing woman, the grandmother of my nieces and nephews, teacher, writer, cook & aunt, Mrs. Izdihar Al Farekh.

This appears in her latest book “One Day in March”, Amman, 2020.

The English saying goes: “The devil is in the detail”. And I strongly believe that Palestinians need to document more, much more, the actual ‘mechanics’ whereby our ancestors were expelled from Palestine.

We will continue to ask our surviving parents and grandparents of the ethnic cleansing that took place, not just in 1948, but before that, too.

It’s all in the detail.

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